Tuesday, January 4, 2011

GrEen ChaI TeA bath salts

Recipe for this little bit of heaven!

4 cups of epsom salts
(I used hand harvested mineral salts from Manitou Beach)
5 drops of green chai tea scent
3 drops of black pigment
1 drop red pigment
1 tbsp of glycerin
sugar cubes

In a bowl mix salts, scents, colors and glycerin mix until all colors make a solid color. For packaging I used a jar I had kicking around. Which then I pulled out my handy, dandy cricut and made a label "sweet n salty", when I put into the jar, I put sugar cubes and alternating layers with salts, just as the name says....

Attach the label with a wooden scoop, some raffia and ta da! first project of the new year completed!

PS The sugar cubes absorb the scent and are great for scrubbing those scratchity feet, while filling the tub put 2 scoops in and take out the cubes for a scrub and the salts make it devine to soak in!

1 comment:

  1. This sounds like a small piece of heaven. I will definately try this....

    Thanks Jan!